Bolonia Dune, natural monument of the east wind

The Bolonia Dune is located in the municipality of Tarifa, in the province of Cádiz. It is an accumulation of sand created thanks to the strong winds that arise in this area and impact the end of the Bolonia Cove. This occurs as a result of the set of several factors.

In the Bolonia Dune you can see a sand formation of more than 30 meters high, approximately 200 meters wide and more than 200 meters inland. It is one of the areas less influenced by the human presence of the coast of Cádiz and is part of El Estrecho Natural Park.

It is a natural phenomenon that has been declared a Natural Monument since 2001.

What is the Bolonia Dune

Due to the southeast-northwest orientation that the Bolonia Beach suffers, at the time of rising east wind, it creates a stream of fine sand from the beach and drags it until it almost collides with the Bolonia Cove. On the other hand, the Bolonia Cove has a small rock formation that projects towards the west, as well as a vegetation of pine and undergrowth, all this makes the sand advance impossible and produces the formation of the Bolonia Dune. At the end of the Bolonia Dune there is a continuous fight between the sand and the pines, in which the sand tries to move forward pushed by the wind and the pines to grow, but in this case the sand wins getting a dune of greater height than the height of the pines and marching, the sand that surpasses the height, far dragged by the wind.

Apart from the pine and other exotic species placed to prevent the expansion of the Bolonia Dune, you can find the maritime juniper, the creeping juniper and the camarina around the cliffs. Further inland and in more sheltered areas from the wind, you can appreciate the sea thistles, lilies and sea wallflowers. On the other hand, in the most exposed areas you will only find species such as the baron, the seagrass and the lotuses.

From the Bolonia Dune you can appreciate the Bolonia Beach, frequented by surfers, the Camarinal Lighthouse and the Baelo Claudia archaeological site.

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Bolonia Dune path

This is a linear footpath 1 km away and an approximate time of one hour, very easy to travel and suitable for any audience.

The path, which will take you to the Bolonia Dune, begins very close to El Lentiscal, which is the closest population center to the Bolonia Cove. To get to its beginning you will have to pass a fork in which it gives the option of going to the ancient Roman city of Baelo Claudia but you will have to continue towards the beach. In this way, you will arrive at the Bolonia Beach, where we recommend that you take your time to appreciate its beautiful landscape, its large dimensions and its natural heritage.

Once you get to the wooden walkway you will travel about 400 meters until you pass the old town of Bolonia. Once you finish the walkway, the path continues through the sand very close to the ruins of Baelo Claudia. Continuing forward and enjoying the views of part of the archaeological site, you will reach a second section of the walkway where you will travel another 400 meters approximately to reach a viewpoint from which to appreciate the Bolonia Dune in all its splendor.

From this viewpoint you can access the Bolonia Beach in a simple way and enjoy a quiet or restless day, depending on whether there is an east wind.

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