Almería Beaches, the best beach for you

The Costa de Almería is the tourist term obtained by the coast of the province of Almería. With 217 km, 13 municipalities and more than 100 beaches that go from the municipality of Pulpí on the border with the province of Murcia, to Adra with the province of Granada, including the region of Levante Almeriense, Comarca Metropolitana de Almería and Poniente Almeriense.

On the Costa de Almería you can visit natural areas such as the Cabo de Gata - Níjar Natural Park, the Punta Entinas - Sabinar Natural Place the Island of San Andrés, besides all the beaches that we are going to offer you, classified according to the demands that you can have at the time of choosing which Almeria beach to go.

Blue flag beaches in Almería

The Blue Flag is an award granted by the Foundation for Environmental Education annually to beaches and ports that meet certain environmental standards and facilities such as water quality, safety, the provision of general services and the management of the environment. This condition, which has been extended over time, is granted to a total of 49 countries around the world.

Almería has achieved in 2019 a total of 27 blue flag beaches. This distinction makes this series of beaches being the most appropriate in Almería if you want to have any service, if you need access for people with reduced mobility or if you are concerned about the safety of the beach. Then, you can analyze each Almería beach that meets these conditions classified by municipalities.

The municipality of Pulpí has managed to have two blue flag beaches.

Mar Rabiosa Beach: This is an urban beach located in front of a small islet known as El Pichirichi, which you can access quite easily when the tide is low. Apart from being a blue flag beach, it is awarded with the "Q" of quality.

Calipso Beach: It is an urban beach, like the previous one, it has a high degree of occupation and also has the distinction of the "Q" of quality.

Cuevas del Almanzora has one blue flag beach.

Villaricos Beach: This beach is bordered to the south by the mouth of the Almanzora River and includes different bays and beaches, since they belong to the urban nucleus of Cuevas del Almanzora. It includes the beaches of Verde Bay, Esperanza Bay and Villaricos (Luz Eléctrica Bay).

The town of Mojácar, one of the most beautiful in Spain, has two blue flag beaches this year.

Marina de la Torre Beach: It is the first beach you will find in Mojácar if you travel from the east. It is located right in front of the Marina Palace and next to the Mojácar Lagoon. From this beach you can appreciate one of the best panoramic views of Mojácar.

Ventanicas - Venta del Bancal Beach: It can be divided into two different beaches, one next to the other. Ventanicas Beach is of fine sand, as well as easy access and communication, while the Venta del Bancal Beach is the first urbanized beach that you will find from the west and next to it are the cliffs caused by the encounter between the Sierra de Cabrera and the sea.

Carboneras, with 17 km of beach, has three blue flag beaches for the year 2019.

El Ancón Beach: Also known as El Lancón Beach, it is one of the most frequented beaches in Carboneras. It has beautiful views of the Torre del Rayo and has the "Q" of quality. Animals and fishing are prohibited on this beach.

Los Barquicos - Los Cocones Beach: This wide Carboneras beach, located in the urban area of the town, extends throughout the land prominence of the municipality until you reach the El Lancón Beach to the east.

Marinicas Beach: An urban beach with 1.5 km in length with shallow depth. Perfect for you to go with children as it has different sports and leisure attractions for you to enjoy.

The municipality of Níjar, with its beaches located in the Cabo de Gata - Níjar Natural Park, has two blue flag beaches.

Agua Amarga Beach: It occupies almost the entire length of the population center of Agua Amarga, the sand is fine and its width is wide. To the west it has some cliffs that we recommend that you border to reach some bays where you will enjoy mud baths, which help soften your skin.

San José Beach: It is the largest beach in San José and has the most occupation. This beach located in the Cabo de Gata - Níjar Natural Park is not a virgin beach unlike the great majority found in this park, but it has all kinds of services so you can enjoy different attractions.

The Almería city has two blue flag beaches in the capital of the province.

Almería Beach: This beach located in the heart of Almería population has a promenade and all kinds of services you may need.

San Miguel in Cabo de Gata Beach: Urban beach located in the town of Cabo de Gata. It is a beach that is part of the great stretch of coast from the Torregarcía Beach to the Cabo de Gata Lighthouse. The San Miguel in Cabo de Gata Beach ends at the Saint Miguel Tower where fishermen from Cabo de Gata dock after fishing.

The municipality of the Costa de Almería, Roquetas de Mar, is the one with the most blue flag beaches in the entire province of Almería.

La Romanilla Beach: This is an urban beach of Roqueta de Mar, 1 km long and 60 m wide. Due to the usual wind that the beach has, you will not have too many problems to practice windsurfing or kitesurfing.

La Bajadilla Beach: Located in the urban area of Roquetas de Mar, this beach is 1.5 km long and 80 m wide. You will be impressed by its great beauty and its coarse gray sand. The beach is very close to the Roquetas de Mar Lighthouse, the Saint Ana Castle and the Roquetas de Mar Port.

Urbanization Roquetas de Mar Beach: This beach has almost 2 km long and is located in a rather touristy place. It is known among the inhabitants of Roquetas de Mar as "La Urba". Its extension goes from the La Bajadilla Beach to Serena Beach.

Las Salinas Beach: Located east of Roquetas de Mar, next to the Salinas de San Rafael. Because of its open shape, this beach is very prone to high winds, especially when it blows from the east. Its extension is of 1.3 km, from the way of the Salinas to the Rambla del Cañuelo.

Aguadulce Beach: It is one of the most famous Roquetas de Mar beach, with 2.5 km long, 30 m wide and a dark sand. You can find the Nautical Club next to the beach. This beach is ready for you to enjoy at any time of the year.

Serena Beach: Very close to the Roquetas de Mar Golf Course. Its extension is 1.8 km, from the La Urba Beach to the end of Roquetas de Mar.

El Ejido has this time with four blue flag beaches and thus strengthen the region of Poniente Almeriense.

Levante - Almerimar Beach: In front of the east of Almerimar urbanizations, it extends almost 1 km from the Almerimar Marina to the Punta Entinas - Sabinar Natural Place. If you do not like the wind a lot, this beach is highly recommended, especially when coming from the east, since the beach is facing west and this makes the sea calm.

Poniente - Almerimar Beach: Located in the natural bay where Almerimar is located, from the Almerimar Marina to the Mar Avenue car park, with an area of almost 2 km. Parallel to the beach is the promenade of Almerimar, which has a bike path.

Balerma Beach: This beach also has "Q" of quality. It is located in Balerma, a small town dependent on the municipality of El Ejido. Its beach is composed of small stones and dark sand of volcanic origin. It is frequented by people from El Ejido and Almería capital.

San Miguel Beach: The longest beach of Almerimar, with 2.2 km in length, from the parking from Mar Avenue to the urbanization of Lake Victoria. It is a beach frequented by tourists.

The municipality of Balanegra adds a blue flag beach more to Poniente Almeriense.

Balanegra Beach: With an area of 2.6 km and 50 m wide, this semi-urban beach is composed of gravel and dark sand. If you like the waves, you will enjoy this beach, since its usual situation is moderate swell.

To end this classification, Adra has four blue flag beaches located in the westernmost part of the province of Almería.

San Nicolás Beach: This beach is located next to the Adra Port, 600 m long and 35 m wide. Your level of occupation is high.

Sirena Loca Beach: Beach located between the mouth of the Rambla de Bolaños and the end of the Poniente promenade that runs parallel to the beach. It is one of the cleanest beaches in the area and has a high occupancy. Apart from being a blue flag beach, it also has the "Q" of quality.

Carboncillo Beach: It is a beach that is located between the Adra Port and the Sirena Loca Beach with a distance of approximately 1 km and 50 m wide. Its water is crystal clear, its sand dark and has a moderate swell.

Censo Beach: It is considered as the prolongation in the east of San Nicolás Beach. This beach had to be regenerated in an environmental way, building the promenade.

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Nude beaches in Almería

There are many people who like to enjoy the beach in a natural way. This can be for various reasons such as the feeling of freedom or the opportunity to tan your entire body.

It may be that what you are looking for in Almería is a beach where you can feel free in a natural environment. If so, here we leave you the different nude beaches in Almería, that is, the beaches where you will be allowed to do nudism.

Los Muertos Beach: This virgin beach is located in the municipality of Carboneras, on the northern limit of the Cabo de Gata - Níjar Natural Park. It has been considered as the best beach in Spain on numerous occasions by different sources. Its access is by stone stairs or a sandy path. The only shadow that you can take advantage of will be the one of the big rock that is at the end of the beach. In it you will not find any service like restaurants, etc. The name of Los Muertos beach is due to the corpses of castaways that the currents brought to this beach.

Algarrobico Beach: Also in the municipality of Carboneras, this beach is 17 km from Mojácar with crystal clear waters and a peaceful atmosphere. It is part of the Cabo de Gata - Níjar Natural Park. It is famous for a hotel that was built on the beach and that movements of ecologists and naturists have fought to get it declared illegal. New trials are still foreseen in this regard.

Castillo de Macenas Beach: This Mojácar beach owes its name to the Macenas Castle from Mojácar. It is a beach of rock and dark sand in which you will enjoy a natural and peaceful environment with few people around.

Las Granatillas Beach: It is a nudist beach in Mojácar that has stone shelters for the wind. Its name is due to the garnet stones that the ravine drags from the Sierra de Cabrera, which makes its sand look reddish. Its access is through a dry channel, so if it starts to rain we recommend that you abandon it immediately. It lacks any service because it is a virgin beach.

El Sombrerico Beach: Continuation of the Cope Beach, owes its name to the rock that protrudes from the water. This beach has been the scene of cinema through films such as "Treasure Island" or by scenes from "Curro Jiménez". Although it is from a Mojácar beach, it is isolated from the urban center and has a scarce occupation.

Genoveses Beach: Níjar beach, located in the Cabo de Gata - Níjar Natural Park, right in the town of San José. Next to this beach is the Mónsul Beach and both have been scenes of films like "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade". On this beach we find the Morro de los Genoveses, which is worth visiting for its cuttings of volcanic origin, as well as the eucalyptus forest that surrounds the beach. If you do not like the wind we do not recommend that you go when you blow up, although you do like waves.

Plomo Bay: Small bay of white sand and crystal clear water of Níjar. It is located in the Cabo de Gata - Níjar Natural Park. If you really like naturism, we recommend nudist hiking towards Enmedio Bay, which is approximately 2 km in the direction of Agua Amarga.

Enmedio Bay: This Níjar bay, located within the Cabo de Gata - Níjar Natural Park, can only be accessed from Agua Amarga or from the nudist hiking path, previously mentioned, from the Plomo Bay. In it you will find rocks that really are fossilized dunes. This bay was declared the best place of Andalusia in 2012 by the Repsol Guide.

Agua Amarga Beach: This Níjar beach is an urban beach that has different services and accessible access for people with reduced mobility. In the months of July and August, nudism is scarce. It is a beach of fine golden sand and west of it with caves.

Carbón Bay: It is a Níjar bay formed by stone bowls that make it difficult for you to lie down or even walk barefoot. It is of volcanic origin and from it you can see the Cabo de Gata Lighthouse. Apart from nudism, in this cove you can enjoy the kayak of the Vela Blanca route.

Media Luna Bay: This Níjar bay is located to the right of the Mónsul beach, isolated and without services. Its name is because of the shape of the bay. It belongs to the Cabo de Gata - Níjar Natural Park.

Mónsul Beach: It is the best-known Níjar beach in Cabo de Gata. It is located next to the Genoveses Beach in San José. This beach has served as the setting for films like "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade", "The Neverending Story", "Bwana" or "Talk to Her".

Barronal Beach: Hippie tradition beach in Níjar, where you could do nudism before it was allowed. This beach has always been a favorite with naturists. Its sand is fine and darkened by basalt.

Príncipe Bay: Although it is not the best nudist bay because of its location, this Níjar bay is usually a blue flag beach. It is a virgin bay belonging to the Cabo de Gata - Níjar Natural Park.

Amarillos Bay: The name of this small bay is due to the yellow walls that surround it. This Níjar bay is located in the Marine Reserve of Cerro de los Genoveses.

Polacra Bay: Its coastal strip is protected as "Integral Reserve of Punta de la Polacra". This Níjar bay is located on the spur of Cerro de los Lobos and Punta de la Polacra. Its access is quite difficult, so we recommend that you get to it by sea.

San Pedro Bay: It is one of the few hippie corners that still remain in Spain. Next to this Níjar bay is the San Pedro Castle from the Nasrid period. It has two bars.

Cerrillos Beach: This is a Roquetas de Mar beach that belongs to the Punta Entinas - Sabinar Natural Place. The natural place is formed by dunes and ponds that make it an ideal place for you to practice nudist hiking.

Punta Entinas - Sabinar Beach: Also part of the Punta Entinas - Sabinar Natural Place is located between Roquetas de Mar and El Ejido. Apart from practicing nudism, on this beach you can observe migratory birds such as flamenco.

El Playazo: It is a large Vera beach where the nudist beach is bordered by naturist developments. It is likely to be the main Naturist Tourism Center in Europe and has the Guinness record of people going naked to bathe with 729 people.

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Beaches for dogs in Almería

Nowadays it is increasingly demanded by dog owners to be able to enjoy the natural environment of the beaches with their best friend. For this, the town halls have been put into operation when it comes to enabling certain beaches where dogs are allowed to access.

In this aspect, Almería has a beach enabled for dogs and their owners to enjoy it. This beach is located in the municipality of Adra.

La Rana Beach: It is a non-urban beach that is classified as not suitable for bathing, but which nevertheless has easy access. On this beach you will enjoy a perfect day with your dog.

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Beaches to go with children in Almería

People with children can become concerned about the beaches to go to, if they will have the security and tranquility they require, if their access will be appropriate or if the conditions of the beach allow their children to bathe. It is true that according to the age of these children the needs of each beach vary because it is not the same as 3 years with which you worry about the safety of the beach, to one of 15 years where the safety of the beaches begins not to be So fundamental and you care more about the fun you can get on the beach.

For these needs that arise and that may arise to you if you have a child. For this and contemplating that it depends on the age of the children, the requirements that you will have will be some or the other, we will classify the beaches to go with children in Almería that we recommend in three different age groups.

Almería beaches for children from 0 to 5 years: For these ages we know that the mobility of your child is quite small, that is why you need a beach with comfortable and safe access, without obstacles in the sand or in the water, such as stones. Nearby parking if you go by car, which is shallow and with nearby health care points. In Almería, the beaches that you will find that meet these requirements are in Níjar, Agua Amarga Beach and San José Beach; in Almería, San Miguel Beach de Cabo de Gata; and in Carboneras, El Ancón Beach, Los Barquicos - Los Cocones Beach and Las Marinicas Beach.

Almería beaches for children from 6 to 12 years old: In this age group, the needs that you will pose will be more associated with your child's entertainment, so you will need a beach that has surveillance if you want to give it a certain independence, spacious which allow them to play in a comfortable way, with sports facilities such as beach soccer fields and cultural activities nearby. For this case, apart from the beaches of the previous section, also valid for these needs, you will find in Roquetas de Mar the Genoveses Beach and El Playazo of Rodalquilar, in Níjar the Mónsul Beach, in Almería the Las Salinas de Cabo de Gata Beach and the Carboneras beaches.

Almería beaches for children over 13 years old: Teenagers usually like beautiful places where they can get good photos and share them on social networks, for this, between the beaches with paradisiacal surroundings we could point out in Níjar the Enmedio Bay, the San Pedro Bay and the Raja Bay or in Carboneras the Los Muertos beach.

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Other Almería beaches

To finish, it may be that your goal is to visit the entire Costa de Almería. For that reason, we are going to leave you a list of the rest of beaches that you will be able to find in the province of Almería by locality.

In Adra you will find the Junco Beach, the El Lance de la Virgen Beach, the Guainos Beach, the La Alcazaba Beach, the La Caracola Beach, the La Gaviota Beach, the Havana Beach, the La Juana Beach and Poniente Beach.

In Almería city you can see the Costacabana Beach, El Bobar Beach, El Perdigal Beach, El Toyo Beach, Almadraba de Monteleva Beach, Fabriquilla Beach, La Garrofa Beach, Las Olas Beach, San Telmo in Almería Beach, Torregarcía Beach, Retamar Beach, San Miguel - Las Conchas Beach and Zapillo Beach.

In Carboneras apart from the beaches described above, you will find the Galera Beach.

In the town of Enix you will appreciate El Palmer Beach.

In Mojácar you will enjoy beaches such as the Cueva del Lobo Beach, El Cantal Beach, La Rumina Beach, the Bordenares Bay and the Descargador Beach.

In Níjar there are other beaches such as Ancón de Cabo de Gata Beach, Arena Bay, Carnaje Bay, Cuervo Bay, Higuera Bay, Raja Bay, Arco Beach, Embarcadero Beach, Las Negras Beach, the Peñón Blanco Beach and the Bergantín Beach.

To complete the visit of beaches in Pulpí you will also have to visit the Cerrada Bay, the Cuartel Bay, the Tía Antonia Bay, La Carolina Beach, La Entrevista Beach, Los Nardos Beach and Mar Serena Beach.

In Vera we find two other beaches that you can enjoy, Las Marinas Beach and Puerto Rey Beach.

El Ejido also has other beaches in which to continue enjoying Almería, these are Los Baños - Punta de Baños Beach and Peña del Moro Beach.

The municipality of Cuevas del Almanzora has many other beaches such as Pozo del Esparto Beach, Cabezo Negro Beach, Cristal Bay, Dolores Bay, Invincible Bay, Panizo Bay, El Calón Beach, Embarcadero Viejo Beach, Fabrica del Duro Beach, Peñón Cortado Beach and Quitapellejos Beach.

The municipality of Garrucha has a beach for you to visit, the Garrucha Beach.

Finally, Roquetas de Mar has a beach that you can visit to complete all the Amería beaches, Los Bajos Beach.

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