What to do and what to see in Algatocín

The municipality of Algatocín is located to the south of the region of Ronda, at 724 m of altitude on the level of the sea, between the Genal river and the Guadiaro river, occupying an extension of 20 km2 and with a population of about 1,100 inhabitants.

Its economy is based on agriculture and livestock with the olive tree and the herds of goats and pigs as the main exponent. Their lands are also populated with beautiful forests of cork oaks, pines and chestnut trees.

The town of Algatocín, located at the bottom of the Sierrecilla, looks out over the Genal valley with a popular urbanism, inheritance of the Arab residence in the area, adapted to the orography of the land, with steep, narrow and winding streets on whose sides they raise low houses with whitewashed facades, or eighteenth-century with their porticoed facades. In the highest part of the town stands the Hermitage of Holy Christ and in the center the Church of Our Lady of the Rosario, from the 16th century.

A walk through its streets will make us enjoy houses with bars decorated with geraniums and viewpoints with exceptional views to the Genal Valley.

History of Algatocín

It is believed that the village Algatocín was founded by the Berber tribe "Al Atusiyin", from which the current name derives.

Its origin goes back to the Iberian-Roman period and everything according to the remains found in a village in Cerro Gordo. However, the current structure is due to Arab influence, consolidating as an urban nucleus after the Castilian repopulation after the Christian reconquest.

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What to see in Algatocín

Strolling through the narrow and winding streets of Algatocín, we can see in the main street houses dating from the eighteenth century adorned with heraldic shields.

Church of Our Lady of the Rosario: Of the 16th century. It consists of three naves and inside there are some works of art of the eighteenth century as a silver lamp and an image of Saint Francisco de Asís, made of polychrome wood. Legend has it that it was built on the palace of Princess Algotisa, who was the daughter of the second Moorish king of Ronda.

Hermitage of the Holy Christ: Located at a higher elevation, it is a privileged viewpoint from which you can see the Genal Valley, part of the Serranía de Ronda, and the white villages of Faraján and Alpandeire.

Genal viewpoint: Place of obligatory stop in the passage by Algatocín. From here you can get a nice view to the Genal Valley to see some of the white villages such as Alpandeire, Faraján, Jubrique or Genalguacil.

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What to do in Algatocín

In Algatocín there are some routes to make and to be in contact with nature.

Benarrabá-Algatocín Route: This easy-to-walk trail runs from Benarrabá to Algatocín along a path accompanied by cork oaks, gall oaks, pines and chestnut trees. Although the best of this route is, without any doubt, the impressive views we get from the Genal valley.

The Nacimientillos-Las Pilas Route: It is a path of about 4 km that runs through the Puerto de Ronda, the place of the Nacimientillos, the place of Los Hoyos, Las Pilas and then gives us the option to continue to the Puerto del Espino or turn left and go down to the Hermitage of Holy Christ and, from there, to Algatocín.

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Traditional festivals in Algatocín

Algatocín has different celebrations throughout the year to complete a perfect visit.

Celebrations of Our Lady of the Candelaria: Celebrated the 2 of February, where the release of pigeons and the elaboration of the typical hornazo are made.

Pilgrimage of Saint Isidro: On May 15, in honor of Saint Isidro Labrador a pilgrimage is celebrated in Salitre.

Corpus Christi: In June the streets of the town are adorned with flowers and altars to celebrate the Corpus Christi that will conclude with the Pilgrimage of Saint Juan.

Fair of Algatocín: It is celebrated to first of October and it is the big party of Algatocín in honor to Saint Francisco de Asís and Our Lady of the Rosario.

Feast of the "Hinojá": This festival aims to make known the typical dishes of Algatocín, made mostly with fennels, which are very abundant in Algatocín.

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Gastronomy of Algatocín

Among the gastronomy of Algatocín, we can highlight the flour porridge with boiler honey, the rabbit, the fresh gazpacho, the crumbs, the refried bacon, the mushrooms, the chard tortillas. As desserts and pastries we see alfajores, buñuelos, mantecados, meloja, jams (plum, quince, blackberries or pears), mostachones, pestiños, egg rolls, sighs, fried oil cakes and chestnut tostones.

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