The best Trekking Routes of Antequera

Antequera is the largest municipality in the province of Málaga, has different trekking trails that run throughout its natural environment and that run to some of the adjacent municipal areas. These routes offer visitors the opportunity to get into nature and get to know the culture of Antequera and its neighboring towns.

Trekking Routes of Antequera

Lovers of nature and walking through its surroundings, can enjoy some of the Trekking Trails in Antequera, which do not pose a great difficulty and gives us the opportunity to better understand the environment surrounding this town.

Trekking trail from Antequera to Valle de Abdalajís (GR-7 and E-4)

Length: 18 km. Difficulty: Medium - Low. Terrain: Lane and lane. Recommended time of year: Autumn, winter and spring.

The route leaves from the Hotel Antequera Golf, next to the Golf Course, it runs along the path that exists parallel to it, passing through the Casablanca Farmhouse until you reach the Fuente de la Zarza road, and later by the stream of stones, until you reach to Valle de Abdalajís.

Trekking trail from Antequera to Villanueva de Cauche (GR-7 and E-4)

Length: 13.4 km. Difficulty: Medium - Low. Recommended time of year: Autumn, winter and spring.

The route starts from the Church of Saint Juan along the Cuesta Real, passing through the Henchidero, taking the path with the River of the Villa on the left known as the Ribera. We reach the road that goes to the Torcal de Antequera, and then to the Birth of the Villa Park. We take the road that will take us to Boca del Asno, where some direction arrows indicate the path we must take, arriving at the Las Pedrizas Fountain and from there to Villanueva de Cauche.

Trekking trail from Villanueva de Cauche to Villanueva del Rosario (GR-7 and E-4)

Length: 10.9 km. Difficulty: Low. Recommended time of year: Autumn, winter and spring.

The route begins on the old road from Villanueva de Cauche to Las Pedrizas (A-7204). Most of the route goes through farming areas, passing through the Las Pedrizas Fountain, taking the old road to Villanueva del Rosario, crossing halfway of the stretch a couple of streams, entering between olive trees and cereals we turn to the left where we find indication to Villanueva del Rosario.

Trekking trail Antequera - Cartaojal - Cuevas Bajas (Variant GR-7.9)

Length of the sections: Antequera - Cartaojal 11,100 m, Cartaojal - Cuevas Bajas 14,600 m. Difficulty: Low. Recommended time of year: Autumn, winter and spring.

From Antequera, at the exit through the Cemetery, we arrive at the Los Almendros Farmhouse, then we take the Path of the Algaidas, we go through the Crossing Guadalhorce River and A-92, and finally we take the Path of the Venta del Río to the Casería de Rojas and we arrived at Cartaojal. From here and starting from the school, we passed the Cemetery and the water tanks. We take the road from Antequera to Cuevas Bajas, then Realengas from Cuevas Bajas to Antequera, Path of Pajariego and we arrive to Cuevas Bajas.

Path of the Escaleruela (SL-A 22)

Length: 10.2 km. Difficulty: Medium - Low. Recommended time of year: Autumn, winter and spring.

The trail starts at the Birth of the Villa, next to the medium lake and ends at the La Torre Farmhouse, passing through the port of the Escaleruela, on the border with the Torcal de Antequera Natural Place, ascending to the Los Navazos Farmhouse.

Path of the Arquillas (SL-A 51)

Length: 4.4 Km. Difficulty: Low. Recommended time: all year round.

The trail starts in Antequera, starting with an urban stretch, until you reach Mirador de las Arquillas Street, where the urban section ends and the natural path begins. Here we find a sign indicating "Ruta las Arquillas". Along the path we can find some constructions where the water or archways ran, passing through the limits of the Hacho Tower Peri-Urban Park and the Alcázar Stream, until the Hotel la Magdalena.

Path Clean Point - La Alhajuela – Las Adelfas Stream (SL)

Length: 18.5 km. Difficulty: Medium - Low. Recommended time of year: Autumn, winter and spring.

The path, with a circular route, begins at the Clean Point located next to the Industrial Park, we take a paved road to the Cement and from there a lane that ends at the Áridos Quarry, next to it we make a steep climb, we go through a forest of Mediterranean landscape, and then descend until you reach the Las Adelfas Stream.

Path La Yedra - Sierra de las Cabras - Birth of the Villa (SL-La Yedra)

Length: 16 km Difficulty: High. Recommended time: All times of the year.

The trail starts at La Yedra Fountain, and following the service road past the gas station, we cross a fence that has a door and take a path that goes through the sidewalk of a small stream. We continue along the sidewalk taking the orientation that is marked by some metal towers of the power line, then going up to the right to descend to the Hoyo de Juan Díaz. Later we ascend the Lastonares hillside, and from there we descend to the La Alhajuela Farmhouse, to follow the path to the left of it until the A-7075 road of Villanueva de la Concepción, crossing it until the Birth of the Villa.

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