A walk along the Borosa River

Located in the Sierra de Cazorla, the small Borosa River that rises in the Aguas Negras Lagoon, which are actually crystalline, is the ideal setting for lovers of rural tourism. It is one of the most popular routes in the area because of the impressive beauty of the landscapes that the traveler can find along its route.

Borosa River Route

The Borosa River Route starts at the trout farm of Loma of María Ángela, which is 12 kilometers from Arroyo Frío and although the road is safe, it is not advisable to go with children, since it extends for 24 kilometers , between round trip. Although there is always the option of reaching only the Cerrada of Elías and back, since this part of the road is practically flat and runs largely along a forest track. There is also the possibility of requesting the service of collection in 4×4 at 8 kilometers of the itinerary, which makes it less heavy, for those who are not used.

The Cerrada of Elías is the most interesting part of this part of the route, just over 4 km from the beginning, with wooden walkways anchored to the rock, above the waters of the Borosa River, which runs through a natural canyoning, old fishing path and where we can observe a carnivorous plant that grows in the humid parts of this beautiful place, the grasilla or Pinguicula vallisneriifolia.

But if you are a true lover of the hiking trails and decide to take the full route, you will be able to observe wonderful views to the Cazorla mountains. It is true that the road is more difficult after the first kilometers, but it is worth it, since it is the most beautiful part of the route with spectacular landscapes such as the one that forms the great waterfalls, the Picón del Haza or the Salto de los Órganos, where you can see a waterfall of more than 70 meters and the Valdeazores Lagoon.

Once we have left the Cerrada of Elías, we will continue to the Fountain of Huelga Nidillo, and from here, to the Power Plant of the Salto de los Órganos, a little over 7 km from the start. Here begins a pronounced, ascent that will allow us to contemplate the Salto de los Órganos, a spectacular waterfall where the Borosa River runs.

Going up this path, we reach the tunnels through which the channels that carry the water to the Power Plant run. Once overpassed and about 10 km from the start, we find the Aguas Negras Lagoon. At 300 meters, on the left, is the Birth of the Borosa River and 1 km, on the right, we reach the Valdeazores Lagoon. This last part of the route is spectacular, with unusual landscapes.

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Recommendation to visit the Borosa River

The best time to do the Borosa River Route is in spring, when the river brings its maximum flow.

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