What to know before visiting the Birth of the Mundo River

One of the best excursions that can be made while on vacation or a rural tourism getaway in the Sierra de Cazorla or the Sierra de Segura is the Birth of the Mundo River. It is a green and leafy place, a magical environment that will delight the most demanding travelers with nature.

Features of the Birth of the Mundo River

The great attraction of the Birth of the Mundo River is its impressive waterfall over 300 meters high and its cave, whose total depth is still unknown and which currently exceeds 32 kilometers.

To visit the Birth of the Mundo River, it will be necessary to leave the province of Jaén to enter, little by little, into Albacete.

The Mundo River, the main tributary of the Segura River, was born between the towns of Riopar and Vianos, specifically in the Calares del Río Mundo y Sima Natural Park, framed in the Sierra de Alcaraz.

Its water comes from a karstic aquifer to which it is connected and which undergoes many seasonal variations in its flow.

The volume is much higher in spring, without a doubt the best time to go because it is when more water falls through the waterfall, creating a natural phenomenon that is popularly known in the place as "El Reventón". If possible, avoid going in the dry season.

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What to do in the Birth of the Mundo River

The most intrepid will find in the hiking trails near the Birth of the Mundo River a most adventurous entertainment. What better way to enjoy rural tourism?

The most popular route is to visit the waterfall itself, walking along the path that draws the course of the river. It allows us to enjoy natural attractions such as the Chorros of the Mundo River, the Cave of the Chorros or the peculiar plateau dotted with the Calar del Mundo.

Of course, it is advisable to have some experience beforehand because it has a medium-high degree of difficulty and due to the height in some points of the route it can cause vertigo.

The distance to cover adding the round trips is about four kilometers and is completed in a time of approximately and according to the pace of the walk, two and a half hours.

In the case of the visit to the Cave of the Mundo River, the route that begins in the esplanade of the place is complicated and only suitable for experienced people who are federated in speleology or mountaineering, as well as for groups with guided tour. In addition, access to the cave is restricted.

The routes on horseback or routes in 4×4 and special areas for bird watching, are also great tourist assets, which offers this enclave and a great complement for activities in the Sierra de Cazorla and Sierra de Segura.

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Tips for the visit to the Birth of the Mundo River

You have to park the car in the esplanade of the jets and, if you go on weekends or bridges you will have no choice but to arm yourself with patience to endure queues of up to an hour.

The path that leads to the footbridges to contemplate the waterfall is well indicated and, unless it is uphill, there are no complications. Even people with reduced mobility can climb through a path that starts from the last bend of the road.

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