Altiplano de Granada, the experience of sleeping in cave houses

Half an hour by car from Granada and along the northern slope of the Sierra Nevada, the Guadix and El Marquesado Region begin, and more to the northeast of the province of Granada, the Baza Region and Huéscar Region, these last two make up the Altiplano de Granada.

These three regions of Granada are dotted with stately towns, full of history, archaeological sites, excavated cave houses that, for centuries, have served as traditional homes and now become in one rural tourism style.

In the Altiplano de Granada, with landscapes full of contrasts, where the arid red of the mountains coexist with the green of the valleys that form the rivers that bathe them, settled the some of the first settlers of Europe.

Sites of the Altiplano of Granada

On this route in the Altiplano de Granada you can visit the towns of Gorafe and its Megalithic Park; Guadix, millenary city with a rich monumental heritage; La Calahorra, where the first Renaissance-style building on the Iberian Peninsula was built; Alquife, famous for its iron mines, Baza and its Iberian-Roman city of Basti; Benamaurel, where you will enjoy its festivities of Moors and Christians; Castril declared Historical Artistic Set; Freila and its troglodyte bioclimatic dwellings; Galera, with its lodgings in cave houses; Huéscar and its Collegiate Church of Santa María, one of the 7 wonders of the province of Granada; Orce and its Museum of Prehistory; and other sites such as Caniles, Castilléjar, Cortes de Baza, Cuevas del Campo and Cúllar.

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Cave houses of the Altiplano of Granada

The cave houses of the Altiplano de Granada offer us a typology of special accommodation, for its charm and its bioclimatic characteristics. These houses excavated in the earth have the peculiar characteristic of maintaining a constant temperature inside, cool in summer and warm in winter, with temperatures ranging between 17° and 20° C.

There is a wide variety of options in the Altiplano de Granada, in which each cave house has a special charm, where there are not two identical cave houses and each one transmits a different particularity.

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