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Welcome to the   RURAL SIERRA Y SOL , Central Reservations Rural Tourism, here you can make the reservation of your holidays, weekends or holidays and holidays, you can choose among any of the accommodations that are advertised in the interior.  
 All these services are offered by partner companies whose common characteristic is the commitment to the quality and the personalized treatment.  

 In this website you will also find extensive information on the chosen area: natural surroundings, hiking (routes, architectural, ...), gastronomy of the area, events (folk, sports, The most genuine, ...

You can enjoy direct contact with nature, participate in the social environment in a rural setting or just rest.
If you wish, you can contact us by completing and submitting the attached form on each of the accommodation sheets and we will contact you within a period of no more than 24 hours, or simply by calling 952 07 12 16 , in either case, we will advise you and assist you in your decision. Thank you for choosing us.
If you are a business owner who provides services similar to those advertised on this website, contact us through the attached form, we will contact you within a period of no more than 24 hours. We can help you improve   your business activity.

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 We appreciate your confidence.




Company name: RURAL SIERRA Y SOL, SL
                    C.I.F: B92753649
Mercantile Registry of Malaga, Volume 4.111, Folio 173, Sheet MA86028, Registration 1st
The Licensing of   Travel Agency Retailer   by The General Directorate of Tourism of La Junta de Andalucía nº 293046-2

Registered Office: C / Camino de la Estación nº 6, 29710 - Periana (Málaga)


Work Center: C / Soliva, nº 1, 1º C, 29007 - Málaga


Phone: 952 071 216

Fax: 952 274 331

                    Email: info@ruralspainholidays.com




Our field of activity is framed within the one defined for a Rural Tourism Travel Agency,                 

  • Mediation in the reservation of places in   Rural tourist accommodations, integrated in the environment and where the detail is taken care of.
  • Information about activities that are characterized by being respectful of the environment.
  • Information on natural surroundings, routes (hiking, gastronomic, architectural, ...), events (folklore, sports, religious, ...), customs, the most genuine, ...  

All these services are offered by collaborating companies that comply with the legality demanded by the Competent Public Organisms and have as their philosophy the quality, a question that we check ourselves on the basis of our product sheets.                     
                    Our activity is subject to the supervision of the General Direction of Tourism Planning, public organism dependent of the Ministry of Tourism and Sports


Ruralspainholidays all rights reserved, Rural Sierra y Sol Camino de la Estación, 6 / Phone. 0034 952 07 12 16 / 29710 - Periana (Málaga). CIF B-92753649 CIAN:293046-2