Aviso legal

Legal notice applicable to users of the website www.ruralspainholidays.com , owned by RURAL SIERRA Y SOL, S.L. (Hereinafter "RURAL SIERRA Y SOL, S.L" or "the Site").




Rural Sierra y Sol, S.L. - CIF B-92753649 - RM Málaga, Volume 4.111, Folio 173, Sheet MA86028 Registration 1st.


  1. Object of the Legal Notice. The Legal Notice regulates the conditions, the access and the use of the Site, its contents and services, of payment or gratuitous, made available to the users; This term includes both visitors and owners of the accommodations and services that make up the Site.  


2. Acceptance of the Conditions of the Legal Notice.         Home         2.1 User Status.


The mere access and / or use of the Site, or all or part of the contents and services incorporated therein, attributes the status of "user" and implies full and unreserved adherence to the Terms of Legal Notice Which are exposed in the version published from the moment the user accesses them. They will be understood accepted by the simple fact of visiting the pages of the Site and of course if they were used the services offered in the Site.


The user declares to be of legal age and has the legal capacity to be bound and to assume the conditions of the Legal Notice that are detailed here.          


2.2 General Usage Rules.


The user undertakes to use the Site diligently and correctly. The user must communicate with respect with other users in the Site.


The user is bound by a purely enunciative title not to send publicity of any kind and communications for purposes of commercial or advertising nature, or any other type of unauthorized bulk shipments. It is expressly forbidden to use automatic means for the processing of forms through the Site.


2.3 Modification of this Legal Notice


This Legal Notice may be subject to periodic updating or modification. In such case, the user will be subject to the new conditions for the use of the Site. The legal notice will be available with a direct access in all the pages of the web.          


3. Contents and services provided through the Site.


Our field of activity is framed within the one defined for a Central of Rural Tourism Reserves, that is:


Mediation in the reservation of places in   Rural tourist accommodations, integrated into the environment and where the detail is taken care of.


Mediation in the hiring of activities that are characterized by being respectful of the environment.


The collaboration in the information of services of restoration where the gastronomy of the zone is offered.


The information, dissemination and sale of advertising material related to rural tourism that complement those related in the previous sections, ie information on natural environments, routes (hiking, gastronomic, architectural, etc.), events , Sports, religious, etc.), customs, the most genuine, ...


All these services are offered by collaborating companies that comply with the legality demanded by the Competent Public Organisms.


Our activity is subject to the supervision of the General Directorate of Tourism Planning, a public body dependent on the Ministry of Tourism and Sports of the Regional Government of Andalusia.          


4. Cookies and other Devices.


The user authorizes RURAL SIERRA Y SOL, S.L. To the use of cookies. The Site uses cookies to facilitate navigation, personalize the information and analyze the effectiveness and audience of the website. In your case, if you do not wish to receive cookies from RURAL SIERRA Y SOL, S.L. We invite you to configure your browser to request your acceptance before storing a new cookie in your terminal.          

5. Responsibility for the access and use of the contents and services of RURAL SIERRA AND SOL, S.L.


  Both the access to the Site, and the use that the user can make of it, is the sole responsibility of the user. Therefore, the user agrees to respond to the consequences, damages and / or damages that could derive from such access or use of the services offered by RURAL SIERRA AND SOL.


RURAL SIERRA AND SOL, S.L. Will put all means at your disposal to provide a good service through the web Site to the user. Notwithstanding the foregoing, RURAL SIERRA Y SOL, S.L. Will not be liable for damages or any other concept of the following aspects:  


5.1. Availability and continuity.


RURAL SIERRA AND SOL, S.L. Does not guarantee the availability and continuity of the operation of the page and its services at all times.          


5.2 Accuracy and update.


RURAL SIERRA AND SOL, S.L. Does not guarantee the accuracy and updating, at all times, of the contents and services of the page. All information about the services or accommodations offered by the Site to users is provided for information purposes only. The information provided by RURAL SIERRA Y SOL, S.L. Has been prepared based on publicly available sources, the data provided by the accommodation itself, the data provided by other service providers and the users of the Site itself. RURAL SIERRA Y SOL, S.L. Is not responsible for the content and updating of such information.


Accommodation information has been provided directly by the owners who are responsible for updating, checking and validating, updating prices, occupancy and offers. The rates will be the corresponding to each accommodation and confirmed for each reservation request. RURAL SIERRA Y SOL, S.L. Reserves the right not to apply the published rates if the owner of the accommodation does not confirm the prices.


Users will refrain from publishing content that infringes on the rights of third parties.          


5.3 Privacy and security.


The user shall refrain from producing by any means any destruction, alteration, disablement or damage of the data, programs or electronic documents of RURAL SIERRA Y SOL, SL, its suppliers or third parties, as well as to introduce or disseminate in The Network programs, viruses or any physical or electronic instrument that causes or is susceptible to cause any type of alteration in the Network, in the system, or in equipment of RURAL SIERRA Y SOL, SL Or third parties. It is expressly prohibited to carry out any type of activity or practice that violates the principles of good conduct generally accepted among Internet users.


RURAL SIERRA AND SOL, S.L. Does not guarantee the privacy and security of the page, not being responsible for interventions of unauthorized third parties in the same, nor of the appearance of viruses and similar in its system or computer supports.          


5.4 Reviews and others


Likewise, the user will refrain from performing through RURAL SIERRA Y SOL, S.L. Any conduct that violates the intellectual or industrial property rights of RURAL SIERRA Y SOL, S.L. Or of third parties, or that violates or infringes on the honor, personal or family privacy or the image of third parties, while keeping RURAL SIERRA Y SOL, S.L. Against any claims, judicial or extrajudicial, that are brought against it as a result of such conduct.  


5.5 Miscellaneous


The user undertakes not to use the contents and services of RURAL SIERRA Y SOL, S.L. To carry out or suggest activities prohibited by morality or legal order, expressly agreeing to exempt RURAL SIERRA Y SOL, S.L. Of any responsibility related to the quality, accuracy, reliability, correctness or morality of the data, programs, information or opinions, whatever their origin, included in the Website.


The categories of accommodation in RURAL SIERRA Y SOL, S.L. Are generic and do not match the official regional categories (there are more than 50 in Spain). They are used exclusively for the purpose of orienting the user in understandable and equivalent terms throughout Spain, on the general characteristics that you will find in the accommodation.    

6. Intellectual and industrial property © 2009 - 2010 RURAL SIERRA Y SOL, S.L. All rights reserved.  


The contents, software, images, sounds, texts and photographs of RURAL SIERRA Y SOL or other third parties reflected in the Website are protected by Royal Legislative Decree 1/1996 of the Intellectual Property Law. The contents are protected in particular, according to Article 12 of the aforementioned Royal Decree, as the data collections. Reproduction, distribution, public communication and transformation of said property is strictly forbidden unless expressly authorized in writing by RURAL SIERRA Y SOL, SL.


Unauthorized use of this intellectual property by third parties will give rise to criminal and / or civil liability and other legally established liabilities. RURAL SIERRA Y SOL, S.L. Will not be responsible for the infringements of the user of the Website that affect the rights of third parties.  


7. Hyperlinks


The establishment of a hyperlink with RURAL SIERRA SOL does not mean acceptance or relationship between the page that establishes it and RURAL SIERRA SOL. RURAL SIERRA Y SOL, S.L. Authorizes the establishment of hyperlinks to the Site provided that the following conditions are met:




It will not be declared that RURAL SIERRA Y SOL, S.L. Has authorized this hyperlink, nor will there be any inaccurate or false statements about RURAL SIERRA Y SOL, S.L., its services or the Website; Nor hyperlinks will be established from pages that may expose content that is illegal and / or contrary to morality or public order.


8. Protection of personal data     

For the purposes of the provisions of the Personal Data Protection (LOPD) regulations, RURAL SIERRA Y SOL, S.L. Informs the User of the existence of a personal data file that includes the personal data obtained through the Site.   The purpose of this information is purely statistical, to obtain information that allows the improvement of the services offered, for the sending of technical, promotional information and for the maintenance and management of the legal, commercial or service rendering relationship that RURAL SIERRA Y Investments Maintain with the User. The User, through the acceptance of the boxes authorized for this purpose in the forms included in the Site, consents to the use of his data, for the purposes indicated in said forms and, consequently, as the case may be, for the management of his registration in The Site and the maintenance and development of the relationship it maintains with RURAL SIERRA Y SOL as a Registered User that allows the publication of opinions, information or images related to rural accommodation included in the Site, participation in forums, for the development of tools Contact with accommodation or Users and for the sending of commercial information in case you provide us with your personal data and so expressly mark it on the corresponding forms. The user, through the acceptance of the boxes enabled for this purpose in the forms included in the Site, may consent that his data be used to send commercial and informational communications of RURAL SIERRA Y SOL (by any means, including email, SMS, etc.). .).




RURAL SIERRA AND SOL, S.L. Complies with the data protection regulations. In this sense, RURAL SIERRA Y SOL, S.L. Has adopted the required security measures and has registered its databases in the corresponding Register of the Spanish Agency for Data Protection. In the event that RURAL SIERRA Y SOL, S.L.cedera personal data to a third party will proceed according to the applicable law, respecting the rights of the holder. The User may exercise the rights recognized in the LOPD of access, rectification, opposition and cancellation by means of written communication to RURAL SIERRA Y SOL, S.L. The signed application will be sent by post to RURAL SIERRA Y SOL, S.L. To the following address: C / Camino de la Estación, 6 Periana - Málaga (29710).

9. Termination


RURAL SIERRA Y SOL may interrupt or cancel the Site or any of the services offered to users, at any time and without prior notice. In any case, the Company may interrupt the service to any user who makes an unethical, offensive, illegal, or incorrect use of the contents or services of RURAL SIERRA Y SOL, S.L. And / or contrary to the interests of this Company.


10. Force Majeure


Force majeure is considered any event or circumstance not subject to control of the parties or any other contingency that can not be foreseen, or, if foreseeable, inevitable according to the stipulations and jurisprudence of Article 1,105 of the Civil Code. If for reasons of Force Majeure the service object of this contract is interrupted, that obligation would be suspended during the time and to the extent that it is justifiable.


11. Communications


RURAL SIERRA AND SOL can direct the user's communications either by email or postal mail; In the same way, the user may direct his communications to the Website by means of postal mail to RURAL SIERRA Y SOL, S.L., C /   Camino de la Estación, 6   ;, 29710 - Periana - Málaga. Or by phone (+34 952 071 216 or via e-mail info@ruralspainholidays.com




12. Rights and Obligations of RURAL SIERRA SOL




12.1 Rights


RURAL SIERRA AND SOL, S.L. You will have the right:


a) To charge the collaborating company   the price for the provision of the Services.


b) To introduce changes or technological improvements in the Services provided, provided that such improvements do not adversely affect the community of the collaborating company, nor do they force the prices to increase.         C) To interrupt the Services to   perform all those tasks that it deems necessary and / or suitable for the purpose of making improvements and / or restructurings in the same, as well as to perform operations of maintenance of the Service. In the latter case, RURAL SIERRA Y SOL, S.L. It will use its best efforts: to notify the Client, as far as possible and in good time, of those periods of time in which the Service is interrupted and for such interruptions to affect the collaborating company in a minimal way.




12.2 Obligations




a) To provide the Services in accordance with the terms established in the Conditions of Contract and to make their best efforts to guarantee the provision of the Services and to comply with the requirements arising from its corporate purpose.


b) RURAL SIERRA AND SOL, S.L. Will endeavor by all means to facilitate the collaborating company   the Services on the agreed date, but will not be responsible for circumstances or events that are beyond its control, such as the delay, interruption or malfunction of the Attributable Services To third party operators or service companies, lack of access to networks of third parties, acts or omissions of the Public Authorities or a fortuitous event or force majeure.




12.3 Customer Service


The Customer Service consists of a basic service by e-mail or telephone, it comprises a service of resolution of incidents caused by the execution of acts related to the contracted services.



13. Rights and Obligations of Collaborating Companies




13.1 Rights




The collaborating company will have the right:


a) To use the Service contracted in the terms and conditions agreed in the Conditions of Contract.


b) To receive information regarding the development and implementation of new and / or complementary functionalities to the Contracted Services.




13.2 Obligations




The collaborating company should:


a) Collaborate actively with RURAL SIERRA Y SOL, S.L. To make possible the provision of the Services.


b) Do not disturb, impede, interfere, distort or damage RURAL SIERRA Y SOL equipment or systems. S.L. Or third parties, as well as the facilities of the Data Processing Center.


c) Observe all rules and conditions that RURAL SIERRA Y SOL, S.L. Can impose on the use of its facilities and resources, in order to be able to provide an optimal and adequate service.


d) Not to use the Services for the performance of activities contrary to laws, morality, public order or to use the Services for purposes or effects illicit, prohibited, damaging rights and interests of third parties, declining RURAL SIERRA Investments Any liability that may arise from it.


e) Undertake, under its responsibility, to keep rates updated through communication to RURAL SIERRA Y SOL, S.L. If they do not do so, they will accept any reservations that may occur with the rates that are public at www.ruralspainholidays.com


        14. Cancellation policies:


In the event of a reservation cancellation, RURAL SIERRA Y SOL, S.L. Will be compensated with   The following percentages of the delivery to account made to formalize the reservation:


These general cancellation policies can be modified for a specific reservation for special reasons of the reserved accommodation, dates of maximum demand, characteristics of the reservation or other specific ones if applicable.  


        15. Applicable law and forum


The parties, with waiver of their own jurisdiction, if possible, submit to the Courts and Tribunals of Malaga (Spain). The applicable law will be the Spanish.

Ruralspainholidays all rights reserved, Rural Sierra y Sol Camino de la Estación, 6 / Phone. 0034 952 07 12 16 / 29710 - Periana (Málaga). CIF B-92753649 CIAN:293046-2